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Design, Product Development, and Rapid Prototyping Services

3 Dimension Design focuses on providing affordable prototypes, scaled models and product design services to our clients.


The services we provide can be used by the engineer needing design verification, the inventor in need of a prototype to secure funding, the architect desiring to bring a design to life, or the personal consumer in search of the perfect custom item for their home or event. 

Our Services

Cost Effective Prototyping

Creative 3D Modeling

Solutions-Driven Perspective

Our Services

Rubber Parts

Silicones and rubbers are used to make lasting molds used over and over. We can solve your short-run casting needs!

Plastic Parts

Our most popular plastics are ABS and PLA. Let us help find the right one for your project.

Design Services and Printing Solutions

Traditional models can be costly and time  consuming. We can help you speed up your idea to market timeframe!

Clients Say...

I wanted a custom year-end gift for my teachers. The U-Rocks you made were exactly what I envisioned and right on budget!

Jim from Georgia


Ready to find out more?

Contact us via the form below to work out the details for your custom project. We'd love to help make your idea a reality!

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