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Plastic ABS/PLA Solutions

Check back soon for project examples of some of the innovative ABS/PLA models we're making in shop!

If you're wondering which material is right for your project this video might be helpful to jumpstart your thinking.

ABS Top 3

1. Material is a sturdy and strong plastic that is oil-based.

2. Naturally rougher finish. (Smoothing/polishing finishes available.)

3. Popular hobby building blocks are made of this material. Benefits include strength and lower production cost.

PLA Top 3

1. Material is based in corn starch or sugar cane for non-industrial uses.

2. Final products tend to be shinier and smoother.

3. One of the most popular bioplastics. Think about the texture of plastic cups, disposable tableware, food packaging, and medical implants.

Drop us an email to get a quote for your unique project!

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